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A Compendium of Innovation Methods Nesta

This week in start-ups Jason Calacanis

Akimbo Seth Godin

50 things that made the modern economy Tim Hartford

A16z podcast Adreeesen horowitz

Freakonomics Radio Steven Dubner

Seth Godin’s Startup school Seth Godin

Startup school YC

The Knowledge Project Shane Parrish

The Moment Brian Koppleman

How To Academy How To Academy

Intelligence Squared Intelligence Squared

How to Start a Start-up Y Combinator and Stanford University

In Our Time BBC Radio 4

My Perfect Country BBC World Service

Long Now Seminars The Long Now Foundation



for starting up



for starting up

Seed Legals Seed Legals

Legal docs Eze Vidra

Superhuman Superhuman

The Art of Getting Your Shit Done Daniel Epstein

Tool kit Nesta



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Triumph of the City Ed Glaeser

Crossing the Chasm Geoffrey A. Moore

 High Growth Handbook Elad Gill

War of Art Steven Pressfield

Principles Ray Dalio

Zero to One Peter Thiel

Scale Geoffrey West

Guns, Germs and Steel Jared Diamond

Sapiens Yuval Noah Harrari

Trillion Dollar Coach Eric Schmidt

Never Split the Difference Chris Voss

Checklist Manifesto Atul Gawande


Online resources

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Stripe Atlas Stripe

What happened to the future? Peter Thiel

One Minute Manager Kenneth Blanchard

Rewarding talent guide Index

Unreasonable: Starting Up Unreasonable Group

Recruiting Guide Sequoia

Project Breakthrough UN Global Compact

Farnham Street Farnham Street

Khosla Ventures Khosla Ventures

Writing a Business Plan Sequoia

Start-up Playbook Sam Altman

Start-up Secrets Michael Skok

Getting Started Michael Seibel

Essential Start-up advice Michael Seibel

Team building Vinod Khosla

Jobs of the CEO Sam Altman

Leadership tips Simon Sinek

Business Model Canvas Alex Osterwalder

How to be successful Sam Altman

Masters of Scale Reid Hoffman

Business Model Design BMI

Value Proposition Design Business Models Inc

Prototyping Ideo

Scaling Reid Hoffman

Enterprise toolbox Key fund

Fuller design approach BFI