JP Dallmann

JP is an Impact Investment advocate. He is a Business Advisor and International Banker, passionate about Leadership with Purpose. 

 JP believes that Impact Investing and the Performance of companies, leaders and people play a key role in helping solve some of the world's biggest problems. 

He draws on his experience in Investment Banking and entrepreneurship to develop best practices to make a positive impact, including the BluePrint Model, to enable performance improvement for companies and executives to deliver on their visions.

JP is also an investor and the co-founder of realchangers, a platform matching mission-driven talent to impact-driven companies solving the most pressing global challenges. In 2017, he founded Impact Founders, a community of impact-driven entrepreneurs – now part of Fast Forward 2030 – using profit for purpose and tech as a force for good. 

He is committed to making a contribution to our society by helping and inspiring people and companies to be transformed. He does this as an author, speaker, lecturer and through the companies and organisations he runs, advises, consults and supports.

Please connect with JP via LinkedIn and Twitter, and listen to the “Impact Leaders” podcast to learn more about Impact Investing.