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Can entrepreneurs help change our unsustainable consumption practices?


This Event - SDG 12 Sustainable Consumption

Every other month, we bring together entrepreneurs – both aspiring and established - investors, sustainability professionals, students, and academics to consider the role entrepreneurs can play in meeting different elements of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

As we head in to the Christmas season we are turning our focus to consumption. SDG 12 calls on us to "Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns”. Yet, our current consumption patterns and demands of our planet are jeopardising our long-term ability to flourish.  In this event we will explore what role entrepreneurs have in changing our unsustainable practices, habits and values through innovative business models and new ideas.

Our events are hosted at Second Home Spitalfields, a unique workspace and cultural venue in the heart of London.

If you would like to work in this area, or start your own business that tackles similar issues, please come along! 

Guest Speakers

  • Safia of CupClub - CupClub makes it 'easy to do the right thing' by offering a returnable packaging service designed to hold both and cold drinks, reducing single-use plastic packaging by nearly 50%. 

  • Charlotte of Know The Origin - Know The Origin is driving change in the fashion industry, using transparent and traceable supply chain from 'seed to garment'. Such 'style with nothing to hide' encourages both responsible production and sustainable consumption behaviours.

  • Catherine of 28 Well Hung - 28 Well Hung serve up sustainably-produced meat from farms in the UK. They do so by using techniques to manage grazing in a way that regenerates the soil and increases the biodiversity of the land.

Your ticket includes:

  • A great talk and Q&A session from our guest speakers

  • Networking and chatting with speakers, and the board members of Fast Forward 2030

  • Free ethical & sustainably sourced drinks and canapés from Elsyia Catering & Toast Ale

Why the SDGs need entrepreneurs

A better world depends upon our ability to generate new ideas and build new systems that can better channel human, social and financial efforts towards the SDGs. Entrepreneurs are essential to this. They are key to creating the innovations and partnerships that will enable us to go beyond and reach the SDGs with the resources we have. In order to do this, entrepreneurs need ecosystems that allow knowledge, resources and information to be shared among the different groups that are addressing the goals. Fast Forward 2030, one of the Institute for Global Prosperity’s Knowledge Networks, builds the structure we need to progress.